Static HTML Website Development

At HR Market we offer static HTML website Development services of the best quality. Let take a look at what developing a “static html website” Actually entails and the factors that affect its creation.A static HTML website is where the content once developed by a coder is delivered to the user exactly as it has been stored.

  • Cost effective -For developing a static website, coding languages such as HTML and CSS are used. HTML is a very easy to understand even with a lot of complex terminologies which help in developing a web-page that will contribute to your final website. Hosting it as well as developing a static website is much cheaper then the alternative.Its a wallet friendly way to start out.
  • Simplicity- its not complicated and makes navigation to through hyperlinks faster and easier. 
  • Small Size- it doesn’t require a lot of storage space it is best for blogs,marketing websites, landing pages and documentation, all these things are don’t require a lot of changes as they are based upon a very specific and precise idea or concept and have to stay true to it. Its one of the thing that makes it cheaper.
  • Security- much more secure than dynamic websites which make them a better choice for confidential content.
  • Faster performance- pages of a static website are loaded much faster and it runs smoothly.

With static website creation you have to create all your web pages and store them on the servers file system,from where they can be accessed whenever required by the users who are in need of the services that the particular website has made available. If a user requests a particular page of a website then the servers access it from the storage and send them to the users computer.the web pages of a static website can be generated at anyplace and then uploaded to the server which makes it easy on everyone.