As an e-commerce seller, competing with big brands in a marketplace can often become difficult. While the big brands can afford all the risks, cashbacks, and deep-discounts the small brands are strapped for cash. They need the cash to deal with large volumes during festive season, to launch new products, build brand value and goodwill, pay off short term debt and bills, buy inventory when needed, and run day-to-day operations smoothly.

  • Large capital made affordable
  • Flexi Loan Facility
  • Hassle-free unsecured loans
  • No collateral
  • Pre-approved Offers
  • Online Account Access
  • Among the top advantages for starting an e-commerce business are eliminating geographical limitations, gaining new customers with search engine visibility, lower costs for maintenance and rent, and higher capacity for goods and deliveries
  • It’s important, then, for businesses to look beyond the hype and develop their own perspectives on the true value of e-commerce—to business and to consumers—because interestingly, there are many advantages for consumers
  • Lease bigger office premises
  • Renovate your office
  • Purchase, lease or repair machinery and equipment
  • Upgrade to the latest technology
  • Stock up on inventory
  • Hire seasonal employees

E-Commerce Business loans FAQ

Whether your business is at an initial stage or in the growth phase, additional finance can help you keep up the momentum. You can avail a business loan from financial needs, to avoid any type of working capital shortfall.

Following table explains the cash flow benefit on a sample loan of 20 lakh.