Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance is a cover that pays or compensates you for damage to your home due to natural calamities, man-made disasters or other threats.It covers liabilities due to fire, burglary, theft, flood, earthquakes, and sabotage. It not only offers financial protection to your home, but also takes care of the valuables inside the property.

Why buy Home Insurance?

  • Protects your Structure
  • Protects your Contents
  • It is Very Cheap.
  • Special Benefits

Helps pay for the replacement of the structure of your home, if damaged in a natural or manmade calamity.

A householder's package policy, compensates you against damage and loss of the contents of your home.

It can be very costly to repair the damage to the structure of your home. The premiums on home insurance are a pittance compared to this loss.

You can avail special cover for jewelry and precious items in your home. Alternate accommodation if your home is under repair.

Some of the common types of home insurance are:

1) Standard fire and special perils policy:-

This covers your home against fire outbreaks and special perils.
The dangers covered are:
– Natural calamities like lightening, flood, storm, earthquake, etc.
– Damage caused due to overflowing or bursting of water tanks, pipes, etc.
– Damage caused due to man-made activities such as riots, strikes, etc.

2) Home structure insurance:-

This protects the structure of your home from any kinds of risks and damages. 
The cover is also extended to the permanent fixtures within the house such as kitchen and bathroom fittings.

3) Public liability coverage:-

The damage caused to another person or their property inside the insured home can also be compensated.

4) Content Insurance:-

This covers the content inside the insured home.
What’s commonly covered: Television, refrigerator, portable equipment, etc.