Loan Against Shares Offers you instant liquidity.It helps in sourcing funds for any personal requirements or to increase holding/investment in listed collaterals and you don’t have to sell your securities.

  • They the loan provided against shares include stock exchange securities.
  • The security provided acts as a protection for the loan.
  • If the borrower fails to make payment, then the lender can dispose the security and realize the debt.
  • Secured advances offers a sense of safety to the lender as the amount lent can be regained.
  • Loans offered against shares include stock exchange securities such as government securities, corporate securities and debentures.
  •  Loan against shares means secured loans against shares, mutual funds, insurance.
  • Overdraft is that the borrower has to pay interest only for the amount utilized.
  • In the case of a loan against property, not only will you get a larger amount, of about 65 per cent of the property value.
  • The interest rate is also about 100 basis points lower than a loan against securities.
  • Buy Shares without selling long-term investments.
  • Investment opportunities.
  • Easier and faster processing
  • Loan with easy renewal facility.
  • Dividends and other corporate benefits like bonus.
  • Appreciation in securities value allows boost in drawing power.

Loan Against Shares FAQ

Loan Against Shares (LAS) is Loan Against Marketable Securities in which the customer pledges his investment in favour of lender and borrows funds to meet his financial and personal requirement without selling his investment.

You can repay the loan at any point of time during the loan tenor by repaying the due interest and principal loan amount through RTGS / NEFT / Cheque

Although shares are pledged, it will remain in your name only.